What prior knowledge and skills will my students need to be successful? Will they work in teams or as individuals?
What resources are available?

What search queries would help me find them?

Who might my students be able to connect with beyond the classroom?

How might they connect? (Skype, email, blog, wiki, telephone, fax)

What tools/resources best fit this project or assignment? Don't forget print, audio, video and manipulative resources.

What RSS feeds might I want to subscribe for information?

What cross-curricular connections can be made? Will other teachers in your building or in other buildings want to team with you?.

What creative outlets might students want to use?

What will be the audience for my students presentations? (Live, video, video conference, published for comments, peer review, etc. (This may change by group.)

Things to think about in implementing the project:
Is there learning taking place?

How can you tell?